Hello and welcome to our English class!

English is the first foreign language at the John F. Kennedy Gemeinschaftsschule.

In our increasingly globalized world, speaking English on a solid level should be a key qualification.


In addition to learning the English language in all skill areas (reading, listening, speaking, writing), we focus on the students’ acquiring intercultural competence - thedifficulties in dealing with other cultures are often not so much in mastering the language, but also in the ability to know culturally different practices and lifestyles and to react appropriately and respectfully to them. In the English class, students gain an insight into the diverse cultures of the English speaking world. In the lower grades, we focus on the United Kingdom (UK), the United States and Australia; in the upper grades the students receive exemplary insights into other (Englishspeaking) countries.


The modern English class is always focused on oral and written communication; the learning of vocabulary and grammatical structures plays a supportive role.


In 7th grade we’re going to England! During a class trip to Bexhill-On-Sea, the students stay with host families, they put their language skills to the test and explore many attractions and sights in beautiful England.
Well then: Let's get started!


¡Hola! ¡Bienvenidos a las clases de español!

Since 2014, Spanish is taught as the second foreign language at the John F. Kennedy-Gemeinschaftsschule Erfurt.


Besides the objective of acquiring language skills and be able to communicate, we also aim to support the development of intercultural competence. In order to get an insight into the culture of the Spanish speaking world, from grade 5 onwards, our students explore music, art, the different countries and it´s people, just as the big variety of tasty Tapas. During the first years, the students participate in some dancing trial lessons like Tango Argentino, Salsa or Cha-Cha-Cha.


For  8th grade, we are planning a trip to Seville, Andalusia. Finally, the Spanish language skills can be used and improved! Our students attend language courses at a Spanish language school, stay with Spanish host families and explore the beautiful landscape, culture and history of this famous region.


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