Brand name clothing and the associated supposedly attractive appearance becomes more and more important to the students in the course of their school life.

Students who can not afford expensive brand name products, are thus often excluded. As a result, the atmosphere in the schools can be affected. Students often cannot develop freely.

Unified school uniforms can counteract such social problems in the elementary school.

They significantly improve the school climate and support students in developing their personality.

They contribute remarkably to creating equal opportunities. Children learn that their value does not depend upon fashion.

Unified school uniforms protect against bullying: they strengthen the sense of togetherness and provide security internally and externally. Mutual respect makes children strong.

More than meets the eye: school clothing helps students to develop their personality through emotional and social commitment and performance skills rather than by outward appearances.

The wardrobe is no reason for distraction; the students work more concentrated and more focused.

The integration of new students in the class is much easier. In addition, school clothing costs less than brand name clothing.