Education with future


We believe that children want to learn and to successfully grow into their abilities.

Your children come to our school with manifold talents and interest. It is our goal to discover and develop these qualities, and to help your children to find their own way of learning.


The efforts and motivation displayed by the students is recognized and validated in order to build confidence in themselves, their abilities and their future.


We increasingly focus on individualized study with varying learning and teaching methods, in order to instill in our pupils the competence they need for the future.  


In order to help us achieve this goal, we operate on the basis of democratic cooperation.

It is important for us, that anyone connected with our school feels that he or she is an important part of it and shares in a sense of responsibility for all daily matters.


Our students grow intellectually, emotionally and socially according to their individual abilities. Our teachers, the parents and fellow students support them on this journey.


A guiding principle of our school is to teach the children values such as tolerance, respect, mutual trust and friendship both by our own example and in the classroom.